Satu-satunya pasangan ganda putri Indonesia yang berlaga di Olimpiade London 2012, harus menerima kenyataan pahit saat didiskualifikasi oleh BWF (Badminton World Federation).

Greysia Polii/Meiliana Jauhari dianggap melanggar kode etik karena sengaja mengalah di babak penyisihan grup C pada Selasa, (31/7) agar bisa terhindar dari pasangan Wang Xiaoli/Yu Yang di babak perempat final.

Di akun twitternya, Greysia mengungkapkan uneg-unegnya, diantaranya

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: Last but not least i’d like to thank to all indonesians fans to my country.. I know,i feel and i see.. I think back again. I still love you!”

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: “I’d like to thank you to @bwfmedia n @Olympics committee for the chances so far. We together learn how to make BADMINTON more interesting!”

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: “I’d like to thank you to my coaches and my partner and PBSI and pak @erickthohir as our CDM .. We are all in this together!!!!”

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: “I’d like to thank you to my RIGHT people who got my BACK and never give up on me.. (not many but i believe you’re RIGHT for me).”

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: “I’d like to thank you to all my family. Without them i feel so weak today.. They r the reason why i’m still standing to face the TRUTH!”

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: “I’d like to thank to my God, Jesus as my faith friend in soul (i cannot do anything without you first who saved my life) .. Con..”

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: “This experience was so amazing. Indeed, A moment to remember when i hv no life return back to heaven. Because my life has not my own. God’s.”

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: “Thank you to the chinese n the korean who made me strong in every path in my life since olympic’s qualification along a year ago till today.”

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: “We deeply feel sorry to every each of you. I know this is so hard for me an my partner, We have to have a big heart!”

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: “No matter what happened. We’ve done everything we could, we never wanted to be a loser. We want A victory from every game we play on..”

Greysia polii – GEL ‏@GreysPolii: “To me as a player of course this decision made us down and feel unfair, but nevertheless we fought a good fight.We finished our race..(Con)”(api)